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Elements Integrated recommended by Pursuit Perfect System

The experts at Pursuit Perfect System have been bowled over by our Elements Integrated recently, producing a series of videos and a written review over on their website. Check out their YouTube channel videos for an in-depth look at what they've affectionately called the 'Mighty Mouse'. Click here to discover more. 

New Elements Streamer now available

 New Elements Streamer now available

We're delighted to announce the Elements Streamer, a high-quality space-saving network music player with a high-performance DAC, Spotify Connect and Tidal integration, plus USB drive playback. Hand-made in our Welshpool factory in Powys, the Elements Streamer is based on the same high-performance streaming module in our Quasar amplifier. The addition of a (very) high-performance 24/192 ESS 9018 Sabre DAC, with patented 32-bit Hyperstreamä DAC architecture and proprietary Time Domain Jitter Eliminator technology, eliminates input-clock jitter for unmatched clarity when streaming. Click here to find out more. 

Pulse IV amp/DAC/phono Recommended by Trusted Reviews

The UK’s biggest technology reviews website, Trusted Reviews, which has 16,000,000 global unique users, has awarded the Pulse IV with a coveted Recommended Badge. The remarkably flexible new amplifier which contains a multi-input high-res DAC and luxurious built-in phono stage (our Essentials device) scored an incredible 4.5 out of 5 stars its world debut review. You can read the full review here.

Sirius audiophile-grade streaming music server

Sirius audiophile-grade streaming music server

We’re delighted to announce that our streaming music server, Sirius, which has been extensively developed in recent months in conjunction with Innuos, is now available worldwide.  Sirius is a hi-fi-grade streaming music server system that provides a high-performance solution for the storage and playback of digital music. In partnership with Innuos, our engineers have combined audiophile performance with the convenience of a UPNP/DNLA-compatible music server.

Sirius features a raft of audiophile components centred on a powerful server-grade main circuit board with a high-speed quad-core processor with up to 8 gigabytes of system memory. The app-controlled server is available with huge storage reserves in two-terabyte increments up to an impressive eight terabytes. For more details, click here.

Pulse IV amp/DAC now shipping

We're delighted to announce that the Pulse IV is now shipping. The Pulse IV is the ideal ‘hub’ for contemporary music-listening with its turntable connectivity, Bluetooth playback and seven digital inputs enabling a huge range of devices to connect. Highly versatile (and powerful) the Pulse IV enables a world of music to be enjoyed with Leema Acoustics’ sound quality thanks to a huge connectivity suite bringing together music playback in all its forms, whether on vinyl, streamed from smartphones and tablets via aptX Bluetooth, or stored on computers, laptops and more. Pulse IV is shipping now in time for Christmas. Contact your local Leema dealer for more or locate a retailer near you here (UK) or here (worldwide).

HiFi Pig Highly Recommended

The experts at Hi-Fi Pig have awarded the Tucana II integrated amplifier with a prestigious Highly Recommended badge. In fact, in the in-depth review, Hi-Fi Pig described the amp as:" highly, highly, highly recommended" with the review stating: "...if I ever wanted to forsake my pre and power amplifier pair and revert to an integrated amplifier, then the Leema Tucana II would in all likelihood be a strong favourite because of its very fine sonic abilities and awesome build quality. Read more here.

HiFi Choice Quasar Review

Our new Quasar streaming amp/DAC has achieved a second review recommendation, making it two in a row since launch! The experts at Hi-Fi Choice have awarded five stars to Quasar and awarded it with a prestigious ‘Recommended’ badge. They conclude: “this is an outstanding product at the asking price". You can view and download the full three-page review by clicking the icon below.


Pulse IV Unveiled

Pulse IV Unveiled

We’re delighted to announce initial details of a brand new product which will be heading to High End, Munich in pre-production form. We have been busy reworking our famous Pulse amplifier, improving performance and adding new contemporary features, including a high-quality phono stage, aptX Bluetooth, plus a 7-input 32-bit/384kHz DSD-capable DAC.

While orginally part of the Spectrum series, the new Pulse IV will join the Quasar in our Stellar range.

Tucana Anniversary gains further accolade

Our new Tucana II Anniversary Edition amplifier goes from strength to strength: it has just received a great review in the new May 2017 issue of Hi-Fi Plus magazine (on sale now). This latest review follows a five-star review in What Hi-Fi? and a Best Buy award from Hi-Fi Critic (and those guys are tough!) Hi-Fi Plus said: “If you’re looking for that balance of speed, power and transparency that so few amps can deliver this could be just the ticket.”


Quasar wins Highly Recommended badge in its debut review

  Quasar wins Highly Recommended badge in its debut review

We’re delighted to tell you that our new Quasar streaming amp/DAC has received a superb debut review on respected international tech site In the in-depth review, the site praised the Quasar for its great build, flawless sonic performance and class-leading credentials, in fact said: “The Leema is the best sounding all-in-one I’ve yet to test at this or any other price point.” The site also remarked: “The Quasar is in some regards, so far ahead of the pack that it might as well be in a different universe.” “If you want the best sounding self-contained system going, this is it.”

Quasar received the coveted Highly Recommended badge and you can read the review in full here. Find your nearest Leema retailer here

Tucana II amp a Best Buy in Hi-Fi Critic

Following on from our recent five-star review in What Hi-Fi? we’re delighted to have received another hi-fi magazine recommended review for our Tucana II Anniversary Edition amplifier, this time from the difficult-to-please critics at Hi-Fi Critic magazine. Reviewed by industry legend Martin Colloms, the Tucana II AE has received the coveted Best Buy award and is noted for its build quality, first rate lab performance and generous power. Concluding, Martin Colloms said: “All-in-all, it has barged its way into the Best Buy category for HIFICRITIC.” 


A hat-trick of Leema cable recommendations

We’ve just received yet another magazine Recommended badge for our cables. This time, our Reference 1 Digital cable has been recommended by the experts at Hi-Fi Choice magazine (Issue 422, April 2017). This latest accolade joins press acclaim for the Reference 1 RCA cable and the Reference 1 digital optical cable, received earlier in the year. If you already own some Leema products (or even if you don’t, yet) our cables offer incredible performance and value for money compared with the big-name cable brands and are well worth including in your system. You can read this latest review by clicking on the icon below.


The Audiophile Man awards the Antila IIs Eco CD with a 'Groovy' badge

In addition to five-star and Best Buy awards from What Hi-Fi? and five globes from Hi-Fi World, our Antila IIs Eco CD player has just picked up another award, this time, a 'Groovy' badge from Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man). In the in-depth online review here , Paul praised the Antila IIs Eco CD for its midrange insight, passionate presentation, transparency and solid build and went on to say in his conclusion:"It’s an enthusiastic piece of kit that is determined to plaster a smile on your face." Paul even completed a video review which you can watch here.

What Hi-Fi? awards five stars to the Tucana Anniversary Edition amp!

The world's biggest hi-fi reviews brand, What Hi-Fi?, has awarded a full five stars to our new Tucana II Anniversary Edition amplifier. Long-term Leema fans may already know that the original Tucana was a multi award-winner, at one point scooping a prestigious What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year (click here for the full list of Tucana/Tucana II acclaim).
Now, our special Anniversary Edition Tucana II has been recognised once again for its class-leading performance. The experts at What Hi-Fi? said: “If you’re after a premium integrated and want something that plays all types of music with equal skill you’ll have to go some to better this Anniversary model” and summed up in their verdict: “The Tucana remains a top class integrated amp. It’s one that works well across a wide range of systems and music.”  
There’s never been a better time to audition a Tucana II and you can use our UK dealer search tool here to find a retailer near you. In the meantime, you can read the What Hi-Fi? review here.

Five stars and a Recommended badge for the Reference 1 digital cable

HiFiChoice Magazine optical Cable review and Award

First it was the turn of our Reference 1 analogue interconnect, now our Reference 1 Digital optical cable has received five stars and a Recommended badge from the good folks at Hi-Fi Choice magazine, who said: “The Reference 1 cable is certainly beautifully made with high-quality components… this substantial Leema Acoustics cable comes highly recommended.” We have a copy of the review for your convenience, too. Why not see what the Reference 1 Digital can do for your your digital music?


Leema Sirius Music server Launch

Leema Sirius Music server

We're delighted to reveal our brand new product which is being launched at this weekend's Indulgence Show. We've teamed up with leading music server software company Innuos, to develop a high-quality streaming music server system devoted to music lovers. Sirius (£3,995) provides a high-performance option for the storage and playback of digital music and is the latest edition to our flagship Constellation range.  

Discover three new Leemas at The Indulgence Show (Oct 14-16)

Join us at The Indulgence Show (London) this month and meet our three latest products: 

Essentials phono stage a Stereophile 2016 Recommended Component

stereophile 500 2016.jpg

We're thrilled to announce that our great value Essentials phono stage has been recognised by the biggest hi-fi magazine in the USA, Stereophile, as a 2016 Recommended Component. Full details can be found in the October issue and you can learn more about our award-winning Essentials phono stage here: 


Hi-Fi Choice Elements integrated winner announced

Hi-Fi Choice Elements integrated winner announced

We recently teamed up with Hi-Fi Choice magazine to offer an Elements integrated as a competition prize. The lucky winner, Mr John Whittaker, was chosen from hundreds of entries and is pictured here collecting his prize from Leema dealer Unilet Sound and Vision, New Malden: Congratulations John, the Elements integrated is the perfect ‘digital hub’ for a modern audio system.

The first review of our new cable range gains us a ‘Recommended’ badge!

Cables Launch Gains Immediate Recommendation from HiFi Choice

Our new range of audio cables was introduced earlier in 2016, comprising a range of analogue and digital interconnects, plus speaker cables. The first product sent out for review, the Reference 1 interconnect, gained a ‘Recommended’ badge (Hi-Fi Choice, October 2016). The magazine described it as: “a fine interconnect… that delivers performances that are expressive and easy on the ear". 

Tucana II Anniversary Amplifier

Tucana II Anniversary Amp

We’re excited to announce details of a very special new product, the Tucana II Anniversary Edition amplifier. The new amp is a significantly upgraded version of the much-loved original. The new model, which has been improved and updated by our very own Lee Taylor, celebrates 10 years since the original Tucana amplifier, our first-ever electronics product, was introduced.

Leema Libra What Hifi? Review

Leema Libra What Hifi Review

The world’s biggest hi-fi magazine has just published its review of our new Libra DAC, praising it for: muscularity combined with finesse; refinement; a comprehensive feature list; a good analogue section, plus solid build. 

Read the full review here 

5-star reviews for the Elements Preamplifier and Power Amplifier

More Awards for our Elements

Internationally respected hi-fi magazine Hi-Fi World, who are big on test and measurement, have given a full five stars to both our Elements Preamplifier and Power Amplifier! Both products featured in a multi-page review in the August 2016 issue, along with a hit on the front cover and are rated as ‘Outstanding’. 

Leema Libra gets HiFi Pig recommended badge on Review

Our Libra DAC has been recommended by Hi-Fi Pig and is available to view online. In an in-depth review, Hi-Fi Pig described the Libra as “uncannily real-sounding” and noted its neutrality and yet revealing nature.

 Read the full review here 

Leema Libra Review by

Legendary hi-fi magazine, Hi-Fi Plus, recently reviewed the Libra DAC over four pages in the print magazine, noting: “this is a device that can make a radical difference to a number of different systems.”

 Read the full review here 

Gramophone Review

The experts at Gramophone magazine, the world's authority on classical music since 1923, have recommended our new Elements Preamp and Elements power amp in the new June issue out now:

Leema Elements Mono Block and Pre Amp Review by Audiophileman

Exclusive review of our New Elements Pre Amp and our Monoblock amp by Paul Rgiby from Audiophileman.

"There was real power here that pinned me to my seat."

"I could hear where the money has been spent on both the pre- and power amplifiers. In this price range, the Leema sets the pace in terms of facilities and sonic abilities. "

Read the full review here  elements pre and power amp.jpg

Great Libra Review by HiFi Advice

Fabulous review of the Libra DAC.

"Leema dares to be different"

"all the detail and refinement one can wish for but it presents this in a musically meaningful manner, with the performance intact as a whole"

"highly lyrical, with excellent dynamic differentiation. Tonally rich and entirely stress free, the Libra is one of the most un-digital sounding DACs I know of, making you forget about the technicalities and letting you focuses on the soul of the music."

Read the full review here

Russian What Hifi review of Leema Libra

Great review in the Russian What Hifi of our Libra




Hifi Wigwam Libra Review

“ Libra does so much right, it deserves to be on anyone’s audition list for a DAC” "the Libra is simply superb"

Brilliant review of our Libra DAC by Ed Selley @hifiwigwam. Click here for the full review

RedShark Leema Xen review

This might be the best micro monitor you can buy - not our words - but the reviewers. 

"When I first heard a Xen, I had to get up from my seat and look around for a sub-woofer, or at least a larger speaker."


For the full review you can click here

Xen Speaker review with hifi pig

Respected hi-fi review publication, Hi-Fi Pig, has recently published an in-depth review of our new Xen 2 micromonitor, awarding it with a coveted 'Recommended' badge. Reviewed by Hi-Fi Pig Editor and owner Stuart Smith, the new Xen 2 scored an impressive 8.75/10 with Stuart summarising: "I’d snap these up in an instant. In fact, I did snap them up and I’ll be using them as reference..."

You can read the full Recommended review here. 

Leema_xen_6crop hifipig.jpg  HIFI PIG reccomended.jpg

Leema Hifi News

Leema Hifi News

Delighted to receive such a fantastic review and "highly commended" badge for our Libra DAC. click here for the full review

Leema Elements CD Review by Audiophileman

Our very own LEE Taylor (the LEE part of LEEMA) talking openly and in depth about our Elements Half Width CD. This article which reviews the CD player will explain the levels of detail and dedication we go to in order to produce the amazing sound quality and why its all sourced and hand built in the UK.!leema-elements-cd-player/cbv

Elements Stack.jpgGroovy badge.jpg

Leema Xen 2 review

Our refreshed and revised Xen 2 Speakers coming under review and Gaining the "GROOVY" badge-!leena-xen-speakers/crei 

Groovy badge.jpg xen_20grey_20fade.jpg

The Ear Essentials Best Buy

Amazing review from "The Ear" giving our Essentials Phono a Best Buy stamp!

read it all here scaled_mini.jpg

Hifi Choice Design for Life

Have a read of our wonderful feature in HiFi Choice. A design for life which took a look at our Elements CD, Integrated Amp and the Xero Speakers 

snip of design.JPG

Elements Integrated Review by Red Shark

Recent review of our Elements Integrated by Red Shark. 

"a hell of a lot of hi-fi in an impressively small space" "couple the unit with the impressive Xens and you can comfortably push the audio up into a range normally associated with speaker cabinets at the front of metal gigs and keep clarity" "The sound is astonishingly deep and lush, while retaining a crisp responsiveness right across the spectrum"

Esentials Phono Review by Audiophileman

Another great review from The Audiophile Man on our Essential Phono. 
....."the Essential is a sparkling performer. Clean, open and spacious in nature, it sets your music free. A great conclusion for a phono amp at this price." 

Read the full review here.!leema-essential-phono-amp/c1sie 

Leema Elements DAC review by HIFI ADVICE

Review of our Elements DAC courtesy of our friends Monitor Audio in the Netherlands
"All in all, the Leema might well be the DAC to beat..." Christiaan Punter

HiFi Wigwam Review Leema Elements Phono

Check out our latest review for Elements Phono Stage by Hifi Wigwam.
"Build quality is exceptional" "dynamics to die for" "quite breathtakingly good" "beautifully revealed"

click here for the review in full