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Made in Britain

Here at Leema we are proud to call ourselves a British Manufacturer, all of our electronics are populated and assembled in Welshpool, Wales. Each PCB is carefully loaded by hand to exacting specifications by experienced operators while smaller more specialised parts are fitted by a modern and highly accurate robot.
The beautifully machined heatsinks, fascias and enclosures are also manufactured in England's industrial heartland by highly skilled specialist companies. Where possible each major component is individually tested before being assigned to a complete assembly.
Once a unit is assembled Leema engineers rigorously test and soak each and every one in the same facility prior to it being made ready for shipping. We feel this is the only way we can reliably maintain our high production standards, allowing us to continuously evaluate every step of the assembly process.
Working with Davlec Ltd, Leema sources as many components as possible from UK or European manufacturers and always uses official UK distributors & stockists to build your HiFi. A fully audited supply chain means we can establish the full heritage of any given part in an assembled system should the need arise.