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Fundamentally sound

The Leema Xeta is a full sized floor-standing loudspeaker which features an unusual driver configuration. The cabinet is loaded with four 100 mm Leema drive units which are custom built to our exacting standards. These are coupled with a 25 mm soft dome Neodymium tweeter.

The central pair of drive units, directly above and below the tweeter, reproduce the frequency range, from the bass end, up to the crossover frequency of 3.5 kHz, at which point the tweeter takes over and continues up to 25 kHz

The outer pair of drive units, top and bottom, reproduce the bass frequencies only, up to 500 Hz, augmenting the bass output of the middle pair. This arrangement is often referred to as a “two and a half way” design.

The advantage of this configuration is that small, low mass drive units can be used, ensuring speed is not compromised and the sound remains agile, whilst still reproducing the low frequencies effectively, the best of both worlds!

The cabinet height is optimised such that the tweeter is at ear level when the listener is seated.

The rear of the cabinet features a large diameter gas flowed port. This is critically tuned to precisely match the characteristics of the four main drive units, this extends the frequency response of the system even further.

Also on the rear face is the terminal panel which features two pairs of binding posts. This allows both single wire and Bi-Wire connection to the amplifier.

A cable guide hole is integrated in to the rear of the footplate, to help keep the cables tidy.