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Bookshelf Monitor

Xen sounds

Leema virtually created the market for the no-compromise miniature loudspeaker with their first hi-fi product, the Xen. Inherent in the Xen design was that form would follow function, a trait of any genuinely no-compromise product.

The Xero is a development of the Xen with the home user in mind. The Xero has a slightly larger wood-based cabinet, which is available in sumptuous high gloss black or white in addition to luxurious real wood veneers allowing it to perfectly compliment any decor. The 4" Leema mid-bass drive unit is a development of the original bass unit fitted in the legendary Xen, giving even more bass output with increased precision and depth. The ferrofluid-damped fabric tweeter provides the same degree of detail, spatial imagery and musical insight that was first revealed by the Xen. The single rear mounted port provides superior bass reinforcement and allows placement near walls for perfect integration and performance in real world listening and living rooms.

In their exclusive 'Beautiful Systems' feature, partnering the Elements Amp, CD Player and Xero speakers, HiFi Choice conclude: 

"This is what 21st century audio should be. We live busy, crowded and complex lives and the limited time we have for something as decadent as sitting down and listening to music needs kit that can deliver the goods with everything we throw at it.
This is one company’s complete vision of how that should be achieved and my word, it’s a very beautiful system indeed."

You can download the full article here.