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Constellation Series

Tucana Anniversary Edition

The Tucana Anniversary Edition, improves upon the Tucana II by introducing a number of upgraded internal components. The front panel is updated too with a chrome inlaid Logo and "Anniversary Edition" badge.

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Agena is truly a state-of-the-art phono stage. Any magnetic phono cartridge can be precisely matched to the Agena’s input circuitry, ensuring maximum retrieval of detail and depth. Music is presented with fluidity and transfixing reality.

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Antila IIS Eco

In this latest development of the multi-award winning Antila CD Player, the Antila IIS Eco combines exceptional sound quality with captivating good looks and refreshing ease of use, to create a striking impression in any environment.

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Hydra II

The Leema Hydra II is an intelligent, bridgeable stereo amplifier incorporating many developments pioneered in the Leema Reference mono-block, Altair IV. The Hydra II is notably more flexible than its predecessor. This technological chameleon is able to act in a multitude of roles, always creating a life-like sound stage and maintaining the presence, texture and timbre of the original performance.

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Libra DAC

Enveloped in the same precision machined casework as our famous Tucana and Antila products, the new Libra DAC's simple but elegant looks conceal a staggering array of class leading technologies. Decades of experience in digital audio for professional studios worldwide, crystallises in the fabulous new Leema Libra DAC.

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Tucana II

Launched in 2006, the Tucana, Leema’s first audio component, soon established itself as a genuine reference amplifier, winning many prestigious awards. Now the Tucana II extends both the performance and features of the original, to set a new global standard for integrated amplifiers.

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Pyxis II The Pyxis pre-amplifier is the heart of Leema’s Reference Series, designed to offer absolute transparency with superior resolution and musicality. The Pyxis is without doubt a state-of-the-art performer. A generous range of features ensures that the Pyxis offers complete satisfaction.

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Sirius Music Server The Sirius is a hi-fi-grade streaming music server system that provides a high-performance solution for the storage and playback of digital music. Complete with an onboard DAC for bit-prefect local playback the Sirius provides the pefect digital hub for the modern music lover.

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Hydra II Anniversary The Hydra II Anniversary Edition, improves upon the Hydra II by introducing a number of upgraded internal components. The front panel is updated too with a chrome inlaid Logo and "Anniversary Edition" badge.

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