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Elements Series

Elements CD Player

The Leema Elements CD Player continues the Leema tradition of ground breaking design, facilities and performance by incorporating many unique Leema innovations and the very best parts and processes available.

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Elements DAC/Pre-Amplfier

Leema's Elements Precision DAC incorporates state of the art technologies such as spinning electron transformers in the USB interface which allows complete galvanic isolation from the music computers power supply. Sample rates up to 24bit/192kHz can  be accommodated by both the USB interface and 3 optical and 3 coaxial S/PDIF inputs.

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Elements Integrated Amplifier

The Leema Elements Integrated Amplifier continues Leema’s strong tradition of producing some of the best amplifiers that money can buy. Not only does the Elements Integrated Amplifier include the most comprehensive set of inputs and facilities of any Leema product to date, it manages to fit all this into a compact and beautiful enclosure built to the same exacting standards as the larger Leema amplifiers.

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Elements Pre-Amplifier

Featuring the same state of the art digital connectivity as the Elements integrated amplifier, the Elements Pre-amp is the ideal partner, driving an all Elements system featuring Elements power amplifiers either configured as a single stereo unit or in multiple high output monoblocks.
The ideal compact no compromise system.

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The Elements Power Amplifier is a very flexible addition to the Elements family.
Capable of operating in both stereo and bridged mono modes, the Elements power amplifier can be used to Bi-amplify an existing Elements Integrated or it can be configured as an incredibly powerful monoblock and used in multiples to build an awesomely powerful but incredibly compact system.

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Elements Ultra Phono

Based upon our own class-leading Agena and multi-award winning Essentials (formerly Elements) phonostage, the new Elements Ultra Phonostage features comprehensive electrical matching for both moving coil and moving magnet cartridge types. This includes the unusual, but much requested, option of 100k loading for MM cartridges.

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Elements Streamer

The new compact-chassis Elements Streamer is based upon the high-quality streaming module used in the recently launched Quasar streaming amp/DAC, with the addition of an advanced ESS Sabre DAC, enabling the device to be used as a standalone unit in a wide range of audio systems.

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