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Welcome to Leema Acoustics


  • Antila IIs Eco Antila IIs Eco
  • Altair IV Altair IV
  • Agena Agena
  • Tucana II Tucana II
  • RS232 Controller RS232 Controller
  • Pyxis II Pyxis II
  • Libra DAC Libra DAC
  • Hydra II Hydra II
  • Elements Power Amplifier Elements Power Amplifier
  • Elements Streamer Elements Streamer
  • Elements Phono Ultra Pre-Amp Elements Phono Ultra Pre-Amp
  • Elements DAC Elements DAC
  • Elements CD Player Elements CD Player
  • Elements Integrated Amplifier Elements Integrated Amplifier
  • Elements Phono Pre-Amp Tucana Elements Phono Pre-Amp


With growing interest from Hi-Fi enthusiasts, audiophiles and audio professionals, the Leema range is evolving in to a class-leading portfolio.  

Our Products are built and tested in Wales, and where possible, Leema source all major components from within the EU. 

Leema products are made in Wales